Are you Looking for a Proofreader?

Don’t make an embarrassing typo. Hire a proofreader for a perfect article.

A good proofreader can make the difference between bad and rad.

Maybe you want to write your own website content. Or you have someone on board who is already a great writer. And that’s okay. I understand that you, the people who run the business, are often the best ones to write about it.

After all, you know the ins and outs of your industry. You know your customers better than anyone ever will. You have the fire and the passion to communicate to the world what it is, exactly, that makes your business great.

Sometimes, however, it might be worth having a professional take a look at that article before you post it. All it takes is a few spelling or grammar issues for customers to lose interest in an article that has otherwise top-notch content. And, often, one bad article can make such a negative impression on a potential customer that he clicks away and looks for a different company entirely. Internet users, after all, are well known to be nitpicky.

A professional editor can help you weed out all those little mistakes that might make your visitors cringe or, worse, take a screenshot for a grammar-shaming meme. I cannot only avert embarrassment, but can also find the perfect image to go with your article. All while getting it published right on schedule. Having an editor to call for backup gives you time to attend to your business, instead of chasing after every single dangling participle.

I make sure that the very article you wrote with your own hands gets refined and fulfills its fullest potential. Just ask my clients: I have transformed thousands of articles into content marketing wins!