I am passionate about writing articles for passionate businesses.

Not to brag, but over six years of existence, I’ve written more than 4000 articles for a range of clients. And I’ve been checking on how well my articles do. It turns out that they’ve reached hundreds of thousands of people! I am happy that my writing has evolved over the years.

Looking back, I’ve written such a range of articles, from automotive services to internet marketing, from plumbing to entertainment, from home improvement to health, from HVAC to current news. And, despite that, I never seem to run out of things to write about!

Sure enough, I am pleased that this has kept all my clients happy. To name a few of my clients, I’ve written for Babygaga.com, Blastingnews.com, Clapway.com, Autos.com, World66.com, Doityourself.com, Meditranz.com, Carribeanbug.com, and Entireweb.com.

They also keep coming back for my services. They know that I have a deep understanding keyword placement and SEO, allowing them to maintain their position in search engine rankings worldwide. What’s more, I am also well-versed with many web marketing tools like WordPress and Photoshop. All this helps my clients focus less on content and more on the things that they do best – expansion of their business!

Find some of my published work here.